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Tile stove mason is he, who can not only build new tile stoves and kitcheners, but is able also to re-build the old and cracked ones. This task is more demanding than just building a new tile stove and only a true professional can manage it. To acquire a real profession it does not mean to take just one year apprenticeship training course, the handicraft of tile stove mason represents besides training course also practice in the craft, positive attitude towards the craft and dexterity. Only such a professional can be called a „tile stove mason“ . Quality The Company Kachliarstvo a krby u Bitalovcov specializes itself for more than 15 years to the production a re-construction of portable as well as built-in masonry tile fireplaces, kitcheners and stoves.

Approximately from the year 1995 production of fireplace inlays started to dominate in Slovakia. Due to the strong promotional and publicity pressure from the producers towards the public, this hot air heating is a hit in Slovakia these days. We do not want to bring down producers of the fireplace inlays, we know that even the hot air heating has some advantageous points. The same, albeit in somewhat reduced scope, applies also to Czech Republic. Though our company, of course, does build heater bodies for hot air heating as well, we concentrate ourselves first of all to the classical tile masonry works and masonry heaters with radiating heat. This heating is the most healthy and most agreeable one. Heating by means of masonry stoves with classical radiating heat is preferred today in Austria, Germany as well as in other western countries. Hot air heating is not preferred in those countries, it represents only approximately 20% of the overall production.

Radiating heat will also be more and more popular in our country in the course of time and hot air heating will probably be suppressed. After all, we will see... Complex services The company Kachliarstvo a krby u Bitalovcov provides complex services from elaborating of project documentation, production of original components, up to the final construction. Customer can choose not only the type, size and functionality of the body, but he/she can choose also among several kinds of embossment, shape and color combinations. We offer ready-made portable products, but also building of atypical heating bodies directly at the place of destination determined by the customer. Our advantage consists in our own production of fittings, plates, frames, stove inlays, loading doors, baking ovens and accessories with the possibility of choosing from materials. The customer can choose from chrome steel, copper and cast iron. Constructional advantage of our masonry stoves and kitcheners consists in the possibility of in-building of heat exchanger for the heating of service water and in the possibility of building an additional horse-shoe for heating of other rooms by means of radiators (approx. 3 rooms), or by means of floor heating.

To our services belongs also reconstruction of old kitcheners and stoves. Professional experience, as well as our own possibility to produce missing atypical construction parts, enable us to enliven almost any type of non-functional masonry ovens and kitcheners. As a part of our offer, we willingly visit the customer, and carry out a site inspection and consult the possibility of construction of the chosen heater body according to customer´s wish.

Tradition Kachliarstvo a krby u Bitalovcov prides with the family tradition, where tile stove masonry is being inherited from father to son. Mr. Ján Bitala senior completed his tile stove masonry apprenticeship in 1944 at one German – a Mr. Fridrich and he was given vocational as well as journeyman´s certificate. (See vocational certificate and journeyman´s certificate). He continued in his handicraft at the premises of provider of communal services of that time, where he was given a congratulation in connection with his 50th birthday, whereupon his working and professional qualities were appraised.

Mr. Ján Bitala senior schooled in his sons Ján and Jozef into the tile masonry handicraft and both sons are following in his steps. Both father and his sons trained later several other persons interested in tile masonry handicraft. Classical working procedures, but also the ability to adapt to the supplied modern proposals has been appraised by our customers in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. Our own team of employees and the production of components bring the customer a possibility to own an aesthetical and functional masonry fireplace, stove or kitchener at the appropriate costs. Our products are financially accessible to all of you