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For architects

Dear customers, architects, builders

Do you want to build a radiant stove, hot air fireplace or a kitchener? Do you want basic information for the preparation of the building site in order to save time for consulting? We will provide you with basic information whereby we believe that based on many years of our experience with the given issue these information will be helpful to you. By this we want to express also the fact, that its is not only beneficial for you, but for our firm as well (or for other firms) because we often encounter incorrect preparations for the building of stoves – fireplaces – kitcheners. Great part of the builders think that the preparations mentioned are good, but in the course of our implementation we realize, that in many cases we have to adjust the preparations.

These preparations, which are mentioned here, are sufficient for our firm, but we can not guarantee they will be sufficient also for other firms you will order for the building sites. Each tile stove mason or fireplace builder is different. If you incidentally already overtook us and hereby realize that your pre-preparation is not correctly carried out, never mind…contact us and we always find a solution.

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